Roadside Assistance for Space

Orbital Servicing


a = 550 Km : i = 45° : e =0.3

a = 700 Km : i = 52° : e =0.8

Humanity’s expansion into space is here.

The next major endeavour for humankind is to build the infrastructure and servicing network needed to power our future in-space.

Affordable and Accessible Servicing in Orbit.

Roadside Assistance in Space

In future, all space infrastructure will be serviced

We're building a next generation fleet of in-space infrastructure servicing vehicles. Inspection, repair and upgrade your on-orbit infrastructure when and where you need it.

Mobility in Space

To, Through and From Space

We provide fast, precise and reliable access to different earth orbits, and support repositioning, relocation and future refueling.

Sustainable Operations

Keeping space clean

Our fleet of Orbital Servicing vehicles will support deorbit operations, as well as future Recycle and Salvage.

Orbital Circular Economy

We believe that In-Space Servicing of satellites will drive sustainable growth of the space economy.

We can help with all kinds of missions

Where we’re headed

Milestone 1

Q1 2024

Qualification Launch of our Orbital Servicing Vehicle, Optimus

Milestone 2

Late 2024

Initial Commercial and Government Flights of Optimus to Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

Milestone 3


Launch of First Orbital Servicing Fleet

Milestone 4


Expansion of Orbital Servicing Fleet to LEO, GEO and Beyond.

Customers we serve

In-space transportation services that scale with your mission objectives.

Government and Defence

Government and Defence

Supporting Dedicated deployment, monitoring and servicing requirements for strategic assets and sovereign capability missions.

Commercial & Infrastructure

Commercial & Infrastructure

Servicing, monitoring and deployment to Communications and Constellation customers to drive extended asset value for space infrastructure.

Academia, Research and Science

Academia, Research and Science

Deployment and Servicing of small and large constellations, and upgrade and repair of crucial in-space science assets to grow capability over the lifetime and deliver enhanced science.

Launch Service Providers

Launch Service Providers

Providing OEM transport solutions to help Launchers deliver customer missions whilst providing a cost effective and robust last mile transport capability.